Elevate Eye Care + Eyewear Reviews

“Dr. Kuzniar is one of the most attentive physicians I’ve ever encountered.”

John B

“Dr Kuzniar is brilliant. She has prescribed custom contact lenses that have changed my life. Due to my RK surgery in early 90’s and other surgeries, my eyes are highly irregular. She understands my situation and manages my vision beautifully.”

Debora H.

“Dr Kuzniar is wonderful with my kids.”

Susan R.

“Dr. Jamie Kuzniar changed my life. I suffered brain injury during brain surgery causing double vision and my eye does not close causing severe dry eye and pain. Dr. Kuzniar patiently, and with a clear vision of my issues, was able to fit me with a scleral lens with a prism. I can walk now since being more centered, and a car ride is now, not so dramatic and stressful… THANK YOU DR. KUZNIAR...... I am forever grateful!”

Terri S.

“Dr. Kuzniar is by FAR the most knowledgeable professional who has looked at my eyes and I’ve been all over this country. She is also OUTSTANDING with my 5 yr old daughter.”

Kendal G.

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